I don’t know Sonya Phillips personally, but when I see another woman about her hustle I pay attention. Sonya started her own beauty brand “Pretty Lips” which consists of lipglosses, lip scrubs, and other beauty products. I wanted to feature her because you can’t deny her passion or her drive.

1. What lead you to the beauty industry? I think that's a bomb move the beauty industry is very 


What lead to me joining the beauty industry was, as simple as being tired of being told no!! Before being my own boss I was modeling. Although I had made it very far with a lot of achievements I was getting more No’s then Yes’s when auditioning. For that reason I decided to work for myself that way no one could tell me no.

Running a brand in South Bend can be very difficult at times, how do you get through the obstacles?


Running a brand in South Bend can be very difficult, how I decide to deal with it is just staying positive and focus on bettering myself and my brand. When I started Pretty Lips by Sonya I was told several times, that others will come along and also start businesses like mine and be prepared. I am truly supported by great people so even when I am feeling overwhelmed I get people who assist me as needed. I also pray, which I should have said first! Without praying over my business I am not sure where I would be at today.

What huge beauty brands inspire you, like what’s in your makeup bag?
Honestly, not too many beauty brands inspire me. I can say that Fenty and the way Rihanna has dominated and made a line of products that everyone loved has blew me away and inspired me to stay true to my business. Kylie Jenner inspired me as well. Not just in a business aspect, but in the way of she is young and is blazing a trail across older beauty companies. That’s what I want for myself, I want people to look at me and think man this young lady came out of nowhere and look at her tearing this beauty industry up.

At what moment did you realize your brand was really taking off?
The one moment that let me known that I was taking off is when I started to receive orders from different parts of the country. It is amazing when the people you grew up with in your city supports you, but when complete strangers see what you are doing, like it, then places orders amaze me. There are so many other brands people can go to in their own community, but they chose to order from mine is another feeling I cannot explain!

What do you have planned for Pretty Lips by Sonya?

So, Pretty Lips by Sonya has a 1, 3 , 5 , and 10 year goal if Gods willing. For this first goal I really wanted to see if I could just stay in this race 1 year and I am 5 short months away from knocking goal 1 down! My 3 and 5 year goals are to polish up business, gain more business, perfect what I am offering to ladies, and to gain more knowledge about health and beauty. My 10 year goal or sooner is to ultimately open several Therapeutic Lip Queendoms. A Therapeutic Lip Queendom is a shop where you come shop for you favorite lip colors and get treated like the queens we are. It will have lip spa services, facial spa services, body and spa services, and lip colors, oils, scrubs, and all my other products for sale, in a beautifully decorated space. For the rest of 2019 I have about 3 vending fairs and a radio interview. I say it sounds like a blessed year to me!


Justice For Eric Logan


   Everybody knows I don’t get into the political side of things.  I don’t discuss Donald Trump. I don’t say much about Pete Buttigieg.  Me not using my platform to the best of my ability might be what I’m trying to say.  The SBPD killed an unarmed Black man named Eric Logan this past Sunday. Fathers Day. All day on Facebook, I saw people saying RIP to this man and I’m like that’s sad, it’s Fathers Day.  As the day went on, I started to see more about what happened. I’m not sure what I initially thought but when I read that a police officer had killed this man, I kind of lost it. I’m like, “No, let me stay out of this.” Then on the other hand I’m like, “NO!! Fuck that we gotta start saying something!” By Monday afternoon, I was fully engaged with this story.  From the videos released on social media from his brother and wife, we have all gathered in the same amount of information. Again, I don’t want to fight, these are my own feelings and my own thoughts.

   We all have the same questions..how did Eric Logan break into six cars in such a short amount of time?  The 911 call said the person allegedly breaking into cars was wearing dark clothes...Eric Logan was wearing a white tee shirt.  The police said he ran. No wait, he was halfway sitting in a car, with a purse that he had stolen, OH and wait! He had a knife, yeah, a knife and he came at the police with it, NO, wait, I mean he threw the knife AT the police, yes, that’s what happened!  When I hear all the different stories on news outlets, this is how ridiculous it sounds to me. Why when Eric Logan was shot, was he not transported to the hospital in an ambulance? Why did the SBPD move his body and take it upon themselves to take him to the ER in a squad car?

This story touched me because my eight year old son is terrified of police.  My son hasn’t lived a hard knock life, he hasn’t seen anything in our home to make him afraid the way he is.  But he hears things, he can watch the news, he can look up videos on YouTube. A month ago, I was getting him ready for bed and we heard the house alarm going off, I’m like, “What’s that noise??” because it was beeping in a way I had never heard before.  Come to find out, my five year old daughter had accidentally pushed the Fire/Police button. A couple of minutes later, I’m getting my son out of the bathtub I realized I forgot his towel so as I’m going down the hall and passing the big picture window I see literally a swarm of police outside, a firetruck, and neighbors.  One of the police had his face to the window and his hands were cupped around his eyes so he could see in the house. I told the kids I would have to go outside and explain that it was an accident and Jumper completely lost it. He was hysterical, I could not get him to stop crying, he thought the police were going to hurt us, or hurt me, if I went outside.  

I have never been harassed by the police or experienced police brutality, but I felt it in my heart and spirit to speak out on Eric Logan being murdered by a police officer.  I was the main one on social media screaming and hollering what are the black community activists going to do? But what am I GOING TO DO? You see police kill black men on the news but it hits you different when it’s your own city.  I pray for the family, I pray that when I see somebody got shot on the news it's nobody that I know, I pray that Eric Logan gets the justice he and his family deserve. Imagine losing a loved one and you have no idea what happened, you have no closure.  

This has opened my eyes to the racism in this city, I am so appalled at the comments on these news posts. All I ask is if you have a platform, use it to bring some kind of awareness to what is going on in our community.  We owe it to the family of Eric Logan, and all the other families who have been involved in police brutality, racial profiling, and murder at the hands of the police.



I reached out to JazLynn Franklin because I’m really interested in her brand.  I was at a makeup class and I saw her there with her vendor table and when I decided to start this segment I knew she would be perfect for it.

1. I see you dabble in both fashion and beauty which one do you love more? 

I love them both the same.  I believe they both go hand and hand .  Putting them both together is super fun for me. 

2. Is there a particular brand that inspired you to start your own? 

I love seeing the black women in my community  doing amazing things, that’s always inspiring. Watching women coming together is awesome , but what brand inspired me to start my business was Instagram  influencers like, Supa (Crayon Case) makeup brand . I followed her wayyyyy before she was famous. I also, always looked up to my auntie Tootie aka Faye. She has a beauty shop in town. She has definitely been inspiring to me all my life. Also, close family friend  Trena Manning. She moved to ATL years ago and the close contact was lost then, so when I came to her for help I didn’t expect her to be so open. She shared her vendors with me and everything . I respected that so much.  Toccara Smith, who has been doing hair for years  was one of my first  and still is one of my biggest supporters & I am forever grateful to have met her. I been blessed to have amazing friends that keep me going as well. 

3. How difficult is it being a woman with her own brand? 

I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, it just takes ALOT of patience and focus . Within time, things fall into place. I learned, even when  I'm not getting the likes/ shares, people are definitely looking and will eventually reach out. 

4. Do you see more support from South Bend or other surrounding areas? 

I definitely try to support my city. I know how HARD it is to get support in your own city at times, so i def try to support when i can. I attended an event in Elkhart not too long ago and I met some cool people that I  will continue to support. I received alot of love from Indianapolis, so I definitely want to do more there.  

5. What is next for the Che’ Collection?

I definitely see Che’ adding more to the collection. When I first started, I was so nervous and scared . I’m so much of a private person so I didn’t know how people would react to my starting my own business. So I started with just gloss and lashes, but eventually I will add more. I learned a lot in the process. It’s more then just selling a product, I want to build a brand .  I would love to do things with other women in my home town, so that is definitely a goal for Che’ In the future .  


Felicia Kid Konversations//Shannon Clay


I did a live podcast last Fall with the Black Beard Bastards, and what they do is go over local talent. They invited me to their show, and even though I’m far from a music critic, I agreed to drop by. So as we are listening to music, they come to this girl Shannon, I was like WHO THE FUCK IS THAT SHE IS BOMB! If you’re a woman and you on your shit I’m already a fan, period. So fast forward to now, I asked her to do an interview and I was hype that she said yes.

I have to ask you first, rapping or singing?

As much as I enjoy rapping, I prefer being a singer. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t do songs with rapping included! In fact, I have many songs where I am singing and rapping on them; I call that Sapping! (LOL) For me, everyone wants to be a rapper and that’s cool.  But being a singer/songwriter is a different place for me. I get to colorfully, melodically tell stories of my life’s experiences or of the experiences of people that I know!

The first time I heard you I was like yesssss how did you get into the music industry?

I grew up writing.  I have been writing poems, songs and short stories since about 1993 or 94. I used to get on punishments, long punishments all the time for the stupid shit I used to do like putting  my rodded ponytail in the family’s microwave, not putting the dishes, missing curfew or climbing out the window or stealing the keys and sneaking outside to be with all the other kids on the block…oh and those couple of times I snuck my (then boyfriend) baby daddy in the house. Since I was stuck in the house all the time I would spend that time writing. When I was about 17, I wrote a song for a friend and I for a talent show that was held at the Golden Dome on the West Side of Chicago. We won, third place I believe.  After that I started writing more songs and raps. I used to hang with my buddy, Brian Geans (RIP) of the block (Division & Menard) and he and his friends used to rap. So, my lil goofy ass started writing raps and oh my goodness they were so hardcore. Like a dude.  Hell, I wrote a bogus rap because I was mad at my mama! LOL At that age though, music wasn’t fruitful for me even though I dated a producer. Years down the line, I began a job working for Illinicare and I met this woman who happens to be the mother of a fellow classmate from Rezin Orr High School in Chicago. At that time, I had just finished writing a screenplay. She was telling me that her son does videography and maybe we could work together on something. We started working on the movie and we were going to have former Death Row artist, Danny Boy Steward as the starring male role. Danny move to ATL so we didn’t get the movie off the ground. BUT I have that script copy-written with the US Gov site thingy. So how the music began now…though I had been singing in the church and school choirs forever…It wasn’t until my videographer/High School buddy took me to the studio with him one day. That was the day that I met my manager DJ QBALL (CEO of The Control Room Studios Music Group, DJ for Crucial Conflict, Core DJ). When I met QBALL I still had the songs that I had written back in ’97. I got inspired to start back writing music. Anthony Gordon, my high school buddy/videographer, was the first and only person to show me how to find beats on YouTube and it was on from there. My first single, “HOLLYLOO”, was released on all streaming platforms on 4/11/2016 and the doors started swinging open from my first release. I joined QBALL and CRSMG and we have been making music since!! I have taken my musical performances to Chicago, Illinois; Elkhart, South Bend and Kokomo, Indiana; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Detroit, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia (twice), Miami, Florida and I will be going to perform in Las Vegas in August. But stay on the look out for more dates and places too. I have appeared on IHeart Radio’s: Drive at 5 with Roman Morrow, Power 92 Raw Radio with Seandale, Power 104.3 Kokomo, IN. w/Core DJ ABREEZE and DJ JCUTTA, WSMK 99.1 with Danny Mac and numerous internet radio shows, even being put in rotation! Shannon Clay is HERE!

For the people that don’t know, tell us where you’re from..and what is it like being an artist in your city.

So I was born and raised in Chicago. Being an artist in my city, hmm…I guess its ok, but you gotta remember everybody in Chicago is an artist (rolls eyes).  Its different for me being a singer so it’s easier being excepted especially having good/real music to offer, plus I’m cute, sexy and friendly but I’m also not one to be toyed with. I am my biggest defender and my main priority is to make sure I’M GOOD in all instances. But being a singer in Chicago is pretty cool but I get so much love from people everywhere! I have shirts and music in two different parts of Australia!! I’m Shannon Clay OF/FROM Chicago, not an “Chicago Artist”. My gifts are INTERNATIONAL! 😊

Is it true that this business is male dominated?

When it comes to domination, do I think its male dominated? Hmm. I think I will agree that it is. As with anything else, men tend to be more assertive in the music business. I think, sometimes, women may be seen as objects in music. Men run the music business, even independently, only because more women are not stepping out starting their own thing (though some boss bitches have). Musically though, I would love to see the RIGHT KIND of female presence in the music world.

So, Shannon what do you have coming up?

On April 30th I released my latest single titled “Yeah”! Yeah is available on all streaming media as well! It debuted in Miami at G5IVE and the stripper clapped her ass like THUNDA…BUCKED NAKED all over me while my song played and everyone watched in excitement and anticipation!! So yeah, my next move is to come up with some HOT ASS visuals to match this twerk song! Its for the ladies AND the fellas, YA HEARD ME!! DON’T STOP, GET IT, GET IT!! I’m currently touring the country with Core DJ KING ROBB and the Small Town Big Dreams Tour. As stated earlier, we just returned from a weekend of performances in Miami/Hollywood, FL and our next stop is Las Vegas in August…which is my birthday month (in case you haven’t figured out that I’m a Leo). There are more dates and places scheduled such as North Carolina and NYC just to name a few. In between time, I am working on rolling out my next designs for my single “YEAH” (stream it!) I’ve began pressing the different variety of “Yeah” merchandise. I have created hoodies, tees and even a dress that I can’t wait to rock! Next, I will be printing bandannas, hats…hell, maybe some panties that say “POP THAT SHIT” and towels that say “WASH THAT SHIT”. *Inserts shrug…hell, I don’t know what I’ll create next…but for now….Shannon Clay, OUT!


BeyHive Has No Chill


The BeyHive is outta control. Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting court side with billionaire team owner, Joseph Lacob and his wife Nicole. Beyonce appears to slightly irritated and Nicole is leaned over her talking to Jay. Apparently she is asking him what he wants with his vodka, if you watch the video closely you can read his lips. The BeyHive took to social media to bully this woman for talking to Jay-Z. Nicole was so upset about them telling her to kill herself that she deleted her Instagram page. Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure made a post basically telling Beyoncé’s stans to chill the fuck out. I think that whole BeyHive shit is embarrassing. Jay-z and Beyonce have working relationships with people and with the BeyHive saying ignorant shit to people why would anybody want to work with them let alone be seen talking to them. I’ve always wondered if Beyonce will tell her fans to stop with all the bullying because it makes no sense at all. I get it, Nicole Curran is a grown ass billionaire ass woman but still at the end of the day the Hive is super annoying and Beyonce was her guest. I hope her publicist making that post helps. 



SZA vs Sephora


Recently, SZA was accused of stealing at a Sephora store in Calabasas, CA. Security followed her, they had words, she tweeted about it, and Sephora apologized. SZA has been a model for Fenty Beauty, so Rihanna sent her a gift card, I wonder how much was on that card?? Sephora also closed locations for 1 hour to have diversity training for its employees. I’m very sick of this narrative. Why are we steady getting racially profiled when we go into stores and restaurants. Seems like everytime some racial situations happen, they hold a “Let’s Learn How To Treat Black People Class” and then we’re supposed to be over it. I’m not too happy about this situation, but on the same token I’ve ran out of Fenty lipgloss and they are the only store who has it and I don’t want to order online because I need it now! Get it together, Sephora.  




Rihanna has been so busy with Fenty Beauty, SAVAGE, and her new luxury line FENTY that she acts like she forgot that we need a new album. Listen, ANTI came out on 2016 and if I listen to one more song on this album I’m gonna scream! Rihanna stop playing on SnapChat and give us this new album!


Felicia Kid Konversations//Yon James


I recently decided that I wanted to give people in my city a chance to promote their businesses, and what better place than my platform, which will become OUR platform. As we all know, having a brand in South Bend is hard. We are in a city with very little resources, so its up to us as being creatives to reach out to one another on some for real shit and show support. Felicia Kid Konversations came to me because I wanted to possibly make videos, but people are so on the go I realized that my blog would be a better way to go. The first woman I want to showcase in this summer long series is Yon James. She started her very own company called “The Prominent Delivery” and I interviewed her to get more insight on her brand.

What made you get into the entertainment business?

Art holds a huge place in my heart. I appreciate all forms of art, from writing, drama, costume design, music, painting, makeup etc. Out of all these different embodiments of art, music is my soul. I love all genres of music. Everything about music excites me, and since I’m no longer on the entertainment side I decided to tap into the business side. I’ve seen so much talent go to waste because they don’t know the business side. They have no idea how to get to where it is they want to go. Because believe me posting videos on Facebook is not going to do the trick. And since I already have a little background knowledge of how the industry works along with my schooling I have the proper foundation to be the vessel that takes these artists where they want to go. That along with the fact that I like to be in charge of things lol. I’m a natural born boss.

You had your first professional gig recently with Lucci and Plies in Indianapolis, explain that experience..

If it wasn’t anything else, it was definitely a learning experience. Plies didn’t even show, and Lucci was nearly five hours late. So this definitely gave me some insight on the standards I am going to hold my artists to, because this is beyond disrespectful to your fans; as well as, everyone on the business side who work so hard to put these events together. I will work overtime to make sure my artists keep their word. Anything other than that is just not acceptable.

What do local artists have to do to be apart of your team?

I am seeking dedicated individuals who have a unique sound. People who are going to LISTEN and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, because if they’re going to do my job they don’t need me. All my artists sign a three-year contract with me. Some people feel three years is too long, but these things take time. I can’t promise anybody fortune and fame overnight. I don’t know how long it will take, but I can guarantee that after three years if you haven’t met your goal, you will be in arms reach. I am also seeking models, so it’s not just musicians.

So, what exactly does working with you include?

I do everything from marketing and promotion down to booking studio time. I’m booking shows and events that I think are beneficial. I help financially when necessary. I motivate. I do all the networking, planning, and concept support. I try to do everything that way my artists can focus solely on perfecting their craft.

Ok ok, good shit Yanni! Now where do you see your business 6 months from now?

In six months, I hope to have a larger staff than just myself. I also hope to have found a female rapper by then. I will have done a few more shows, some traveling, and hopefully a music conference. Some more trial and error and learning the business. I will have my degree by then so maybe even some

office space outside of South Bend.


I’m A Blogger

I have been talking to God and paying attention to signs and I have come to the realization that I am a blogger, I’m a writer, I’m a storyteller. True enough, I don’t have to write about celebrities all the time, but that’s what I enjoy doing. You can’t really dive too much into your personal life because people will always try to judge you but shit, I think I’m way past that phase, I don’t give a damn what anybody says about me. I love fashion, I used to get laughed at on Facebook because I love fashion so much, never understood that one. So, I said to myself, what are all the things you love to do, and what are you good at. Kid Jumper was first. I’m fuckin dope at Kid Jumper. I design all my own shirts, I market them myself, I post them myself, the direction of my brand is all my idea. I paid $1,500 for a website that is MINE, I did that. I reach out to people, my customers trust me, you guys SUPPORT ME, I don’t have a “team” or a “machine” behind me but imagine if I did sheesh! All concepts are MINE. I’m no longer saying I want to do that, I AM doing it. Second thing is blogging. Writing comes so natural to me. I’m one of those people when I talk (or write) others pay attention. I got some shit to say, I might not express myself in a conventional proper way but you get wtf I’m saying right? Right. I love branding. I branded my own business. I market my own clothing line. We all do things through trial and error, and right now I’m on the fence about podcasting. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve changed the direction of “Meet Felicia Kid” so many times I don’t even know what it is anymore. What does my show even stand for? Me sounding crazy as hell hollering about some random shit? Because I would rather prefer to have a boyfriend I can complain to all the damn time instead of yaw. So for now, my show is up in the air. I might can it. I might not. I asked myself WHAT DO I WANT. I want to be taken seriously. I want to be seen as a black woman with three kids and a full time job who is basically winging this shit but at the same time I smoked this shit. My brand is bomb I don’t give a fuck! I refuse to let somebody tell me it’s not. Period. So I prayed. And I visualized. And I think about the word consistency and my lack there of. And I came up with an answer. I’m not trying to build a personal brand, that shit is exhausting, and not very realistic in South Bend that’s something a lot of us have to face. I had to figure out what I was or I was gonna go crazy and knock all this shit over, including Kid Jumper. But nah, that would be too easy for everybody else.

It’s about to be Summer.

Kid Jumper about to come so hard.

I’m a blogger.

And I got time. 


Nipsey Hussle The Great

I swear I’ve been trying to avoid writing this but I feel it’s only right that I pay my respect to a man I admire so much. This is no lie, on March 31st it was 6pm in South Bend so 3pm Los Angeles time, and I had just came back from the grocery store. I was playing on my phone and came across the GQ interview with Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle and I’m like ooooh I haven’t watched this yet let me get into it. So it’s Lauren asking Nip questions to see how well he knows her and it’s super cute, THEY are cute, hell. After I watched it I was all googly eyed like omg I want somebody to love me the way he loves her and vice versa, I mean of course we never know what goes on behind closed doors but they make it look so good we can’t help but believe they are really A-1 in their relationship. NO FUCKIN LIE, maybe 10 minutes or so after I watched the video, TMZ comes across my screen and it said that Nipsey had been gunned down outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. Stop playing, I know Nipsey didn’t just get shot! Ok, I’m sure he will be alright,  but wait, it said “GUNNED DOWN” and Nip is skinny, and I’m just thinking all these horrible thoughts. When he was pronounced dead I was pretty shook for the rest of the night. Shot in front of your own store, in your neighborhood that you helped build back up, prayers are immediately going to Lauren, his children and family, it’s all bad.  

I want to keep this post as positive and light as I can but there are definitely some things I have to address. The next day, which was Monday, social media was going crazy saying that the “government” had killed Nipsey due to a documentary he was doing about Dr. Sebi. It amazes me at how when you don’t agree with what somebody thinks their true colors will come out and chile I unfollowed so many people that day because I can not tolerate ignorance and stupidity. A quick and easy Google search will tell you any and everything you need to know about Dr. Sebi so to say Nip was killed because of an unfinished documentary really showed me who has sense who doesn’t.  

I fucks with Nipsey Hussle. He wants you to work for yourself, have ownership, seek knowledge, and to have positive energy. I can honestly say that his death has really taught me something and made me open my eyes to a lot of questions that I have about myself.  What do I want to be? How do I want to spend the rest of my days? I’ve been praying, and really SEEKING the answers to these questions and things are starting to make sense and come together. And if he hadn’t died those thoughts would have never crossed my mind. 

There are a lot of brands in my city, and let’s just tell some real shit, only your friends and “sometimes” your family will support it. Nip had the love of his entire city and we just don’t have that in South Bend, sad but true. 

I just want to take all the things I’ve learned about him that I didn’t know before and utilize them for myself and to make my business better.  


~RIP Neighboorhood Nip~ 



Pics and Tingz

So, at the end of last year I decided I had to do more to make my brand stand out. Meaning, I had to create more content, MEANING I have to do a photoshoot. I decided I wanted to chose a photographer that is a woman, I figured I would be more comfortable and I just wanted to have the whole Girl Power vibe going on. I wrote down my ideas of which way I wanted to go and I begin to look for women to help me. And it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Some people flat out didn’t answer me, some let me go on and on about what I needed and they never got back with me, and some just didn’t “get it”. So I’m getting frustrated but I’m like I HAVE to do this I don’t care I don’t care! So my coworkers’ best friend just happens to be a photographer and she just so HAPPENS to have a studio downtown BINGO! Now mind you, this is my first photoshoot ever so I have no idea what I’m doing. I invited my daughter, which made me feel better and I styled us both. One of the hairstylists I’ve been to a few times did my makeup and hair so everything just kind of fell into place. Now, we’re in the middle of the shoot..and I’m looking and acting like a dork. I don’t know how to pose, I feel my mouth is like in some kinda frown, I feel like my eyebrows are constantly up like I’m saying “Huh??” to somebody it’s just too much and I can’t. 


My daughter, on the other hand, killed every pose she was like a natural. She nailed every picture. The entire shoot lasted a little over an hour and then we were outta there. When I get the pics back I’m super excited and I see a few things I want to tweak so I watched numerous tutorials on YouTube and that’s how I learned to properly edit pics, not SnapChat filters but to add lighting, and shadows, things like that. So now I’m like yo, I want to take more pics but just use my kids and I can buy all this equipment myself from Amazon. 



My point is, if you have a brand you have to constantly put out content because people have to see what’s going on with your brand. You also might have to do things that you are totally uncomfortable with, like I stepped outside of my comfort zone to take these pics and I hated every minute of it lol.  


I’m Done Blogging About Celebrities



For very obvious reasons I have recently become overly obsessed with Michael Jackson. I mean I’ve always been a fan, but for the past week I’ve been “looking” for something. Something to show me the real Michael. Not the superstar, not the person with all this scandal, not the grown man who had an amusement park in his backyard, but the real him, inside. Michael Jackson was my first love. I fell in love with him when I was 5 years old. I knew the entire “Thriller” routine, I could do those dances with my eyes closed. I was glued to MTV everytime he was on there. Every commercial, every music video, I was infatuated with Michael Jackson. He’s been in my life for 37 years, but I’ve never really sat down and tried to understand him. This post might be kinda long so bare with me... For those who don’t know, I just want to  explain a few things about Michael Jackson. We all know that he was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, and that his father, Joseph, was very abusive. If any one of them would do a dance step wrong they would get beat, thrown against the wall, or told to just “do it like Michael.” He wasn’t allowed to play with other children, or do anything simple like go to the movies. The recording studio was across the street from a park and he used to cry because he wanted to go play, I saw Suzanne de Passe (Motown) say that he literally did not have a childhood. When he was a teenager, his father and brothers would tease him because he had very severe acne, telling him he was ugly, and they would make fun of the size of his nose, calling him “Nose”. That makes me wonder if that’s why he changed his face. He had one nose job, of course, and then I think from all the years of being teased he was just never happy with his appearance and he just went way too far. We all know that he was shy, but he was also very smart. 


He would spend time alone reading, and thinking about his future, which leads me to believe he manifested his whole career. I want to get to the point because I will go on and on lol so I’m done with blogging about celebrities and this is why. It’s only three months into this year and we have had three major stories on three Black men. R Kelly, Jussie Smollett, and Michael Jackson. Now, I’m not gon front, I was into ALL OF IT. Borderline obsessed because that’s how Virgos are, we want every detail and we not gon rest until we find it.  But I was starting to see certain stuff, we’re on social media arguing with each other, against one another, and it’s too much. I, well all of us, have to be careful of what information we take in. All the hours I’ve spent on social media arguing about rather R Kelly is broke or not I could’ve been working on my website. The time I spent playing Inspector Gadget on Jussie Smollett I could have been playing with my kids. Then when this new shit with Michael Jackson came up Im like that’s it, I’m not doing this. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, the F.B.I followed this man for 10 years and found no evidence to convict him, but we let two men who said UNDER OATH that Michael Jackson did nothing to either of them, try to tell us a story over 15 years later.  I’m not about to try to process every piece of information that’s all over the news and I’m not about to let another person tell me what I should and should not feel. If the media wants to convict these men then that’s on them put I refuse to take part in it. I’m done. Michael Jackson has been dead for 10 years and regardless of what anyone thinks he is the most talented entertainer that we will ever see in this life. Period. My goal is not to argue with people on Facebook about what someone else did, especially when there is no concrete evidence. So, as of right now, I will no longer talk about celebrities on Facebook. I mean, it used to be a time where I was really the only one doing it, but now too many people do it, they don’t fact check or anything, or they tag me to argue. Nope, yaw can have that. Something is definitely happening to our culture, three men, in three months. I’m not one of those “woke” people but I’m not a damn fool either. ...so pay attention. 




Plain Jane

I’m always lurking for artists and other ideas on Instagram and in 2015 I found this woman named Donna Baxter. This is when Kid Jumper was really new, I had one shirt, the Midwest Hustler tee, and I was wanting more designs. So I come across her page and most of her illustrations are kind of watercolors, and lots of glitter. Definitely not the aesthetic of my brand and totally not Streetwear. But I still wanted to hit her but I just NEEDED a design from her for some reason. So I sent her a DM and she was super nice. We came up with the idea of the red lips with the gold tooth. I was like yesssssss this is bomb! And I sat on this design for years, not knowing what I wanted to do with it or how I would incorporate it into my brand. Fast forward a few years, A$AP Ferg and Nicki Minaj have a remix called “Plain Jane”. I’m like mfn BINGO that’s it! So now my design has a name, now how do I put all this together? I hit my lead graphic designer, Rich, and I drew a picture of the lips, and I drew the words “Plain Jane” around it, and I told him I wanted to use the same font as my “Kid Jumper” watermark. He said not a problem. 

So that’s done and it’s dope.  But now I have to put some thought behind it. Because what does “Plain Jane” even mean? And furthermore what do I want it to mean to me and other women? We live in the society of social media, and there are a lot of women on there that have these perfect bodies, they going on vacations, they living it up, and they make it possible for a regular degular woman like myself to maybe feel some type of way. They are constantly dressed up, heels on, face beat, weave, the whole nine. We all are not like that, so I wanted to make a shirt that represented us. I wear Jordan’s and Timbs, I work a 9-5, I hustle my ass off when it comes to my clothing line, I take great care of my children, and I pray.  So now I have the design, the meaning, but what’s the movement behind it? I decided I want to use “Plain Jane” as a platform for women to speak and tell people something about them because otherwise they wouldn’t. So, when you order a shirt, I’m asking women to take a bomb ass selfie and send it to me with a few words to explain what makes them a “Plain Jane” and the response has been really good. When we create something it has to be for our culture and if you’re a woman it must have something to do with us. I have big plans for this vision.

I’m definitely pushing myself. 


The Creativity Is Sold Separately

How do you know if you’re creative? In my opinion, you see things in a way nobody else does. You notice a picture, a circle, a line, a crack in the wall and you wonder what you can turn that into. My mind is constantly turning, because as I get more heavy into fashion and design, you have to stay a million steps ahead of everybody else. Some people might ask me what do I design? You don’t know how to draw. And naw, I don’t. I get an inspiration from something, and I’ll play off that, or, I will scribble something that I want onto a piece of paper and show it to my graphic designer and he makes it happen. I have a small collection of tees and hoodies right now, and in a few months I will have NEW designs so I have to constantly pay attention to trends, color ways, pop culture, what I see on runway shows on Instagram, I’m so into it. The whole boycott of Gucci made me think, well, I can’t afford Gucci right now, and some of the people I know can’t afford it, so yo, this is the perfect time to be a Black owned clothing line. Dapper Dan made a comment along the lines that being a designer doesn’t just mean you’re just putting a logo onto a shirt, and he’s absolutely right. My goals are so far past South Bend, IN. They have to be, because how many people in South Bend will continue to rock with me and buy my shirts? What if nobody in my city buys another shirt from me again? I HAVE to think that way. I have to think towards the future, I have to think bigger. And not just have the vision of being bigger, I also have to put a plan of action BEHIND my thoughts. I used to be trash at setting goals and now I can tell you where my line will be a year from now, it’s all mapped out. Kid Jumper has a blueprint, and I work on it every single day. I have to clap for myself, why wouldn’t I think my brand is bomb as fuck? I can’t be afraid to say, shop with me now, because soon my hoodies won’t be $38 they will be $75. My creativity and my thoughts are all I have, and I have to stay true to who I am, or nobody will believe in my brand. And thank you to those of you that do.  

Kid Jumper Family hoodie $38  

Kid Jumper Family hoodie $38  


I didn’t want to do a photoshoot but when you’re starting a brand it’s manditory that you do one. My photographer was actually pretty dope, she made us (me and my daughter) feel comfortable, it wasn’t weird or any of that. I will say I don’t know how to post and I could feel my face smiling but I’m sure I wasn’t so whatever lol. I’m almost certain out of a million pics I have the same facial expression on all of them. I styled the shoot myself, and I paid for it myself. I want to be the true definition of a “Self Made Woman”. Finding a photographer is HARD because you want to vibe with that person, you want them to understand your vision, and you want them to be just as creative as you. We took a gang of pics, and as soon as they are ready I’ll be posting them everywhere.  



Kid Jumper Is Here

If you are reading this THANK YOU!! It’s finally here you guys MY WEBSITE IS UP!! Oh my goodness, four years in the making! I can’t feel myself getting ready to cry smh everyone knows how BADLY I have wanted this, prayed for this, and worked towards this moment. Starting a streetwear brand in a small city like South Bend, IN is not easy! We are behind on a lot of trends, we catch everything after the fact, we don’t have that many stores we have no streetwear boutiques so I wanted to bring that feel to our world. I love fashion, I love sneakers, I love designs so I’ve found my niche. I was blessed to find Zac as my web designer, it was a very long process but without him there was no way I would have pulled this off.  I did my very first promotional photoshoot today and I was super nervous because I hate taking pics but Laura, who is an AMAZING photographer made this experience one I’ll never forget. I don’t know what else to say but thank you, I appreciate you, and buy all of my merch lol..again, thank you. 

-Felicia Kid  

Photoshoot 2/10/2019

Photoshoot 2/10/2019