Plain Jane

I’m always lurking for artists and other ideas on Instagram and in 2015 I found this woman named Donna Baxter. This is when Kid Jumper was really new, I had one shirt, the Midwest Hustler tee, and I was wanting more designs. So I come across her page and most of her illustrations are kind of watercolors, and lots of glitter. Definitely not the aesthetic of my brand and totally not Streetwear. But I still wanted to hit her but I just NEEDED a design from her for some reason. So I sent her a DM and she was super nice. We came up with the idea of the red lips with the gold tooth. I was like yesssssss this is bomb! And I sat on this design for years, not knowing what I wanted to do with it or how I would incorporate it into my brand. Fast forward a few years, A$AP Ferg and Nicki Minaj have a remix called “Plain Jane”. I’m like mfn BINGO that’s it! So now my design has a name, now how do I put all this together? I hit my lead graphic designer, Rich, and I drew a picture of the lips, and I drew the words “Plain Jane” around it, and I told him I wanted to use the same font as my “Kid Jumper” watermark. He said not a problem. 

So that’s done and it’s dope.  But now I have to put some thought behind it. Because what does “Plain Jane” even mean? And furthermore what do I want it to mean to me and other women? We live in the society of social media, and there are a lot of women on there that have these perfect bodies, they going on vacations, they living it up, and they make it possible for a regular degular woman like myself to maybe feel some type of way. They are constantly dressed up, heels on, face beat, weave, the whole nine. We all are not like that, so I wanted to make a shirt that represented us. I wear Jordan’s and Timbs, I work a 9-5, I hustle my ass off when it comes to my clothing line, I take great care of my children, and I pray.  So now I have the design, the meaning, but what’s the movement behind it? I decided I want to use “Plain Jane” as a platform for women to speak and tell people something about them because otherwise they wouldn’t. So, when you order a shirt, I’m asking women to take a bomb ass selfie and send it to me with a few words to explain what makes them a “Plain Jane” and the response has been really good. When we create something it has to be for our culture and if you’re a woman it must have something to do with us. I have big plans for this vision.

I’m definitely pushing myself.