I don’t know Sonya Phillips personally, but when I see another woman about her hustle I pay attention. Sonya started her own beauty brand “Pretty Lips” which consists of lipglosses, lip scrubs, and other beauty products. I wanted to feature her because you can’t deny her passion or her drive.

1. What lead you to the beauty industry? I think that's a bomb move the beauty industry is very 


What lead to me joining the beauty industry was, as simple as being tired of being told no!! Before being my own boss I was modeling. Although I had made it very far with a lot of achievements I was getting more No’s then Yes’s when auditioning. For that reason I decided to work for myself that way no one could tell me no.

Running a brand in South Bend can be very difficult at times, how do you get through the obstacles?


Running a brand in South Bend can be very difficult, how I decide to deal with it is just staying positive and focus on bettering myself and my brand. When I started Pretty Lips by Sonya I was told several times, that others will come along and also start businesses like mine and be prepared. I am truly supported by great people so even when I am feeling overwhelmed I get people who assist me as needed. I also pray, which I should have said first! Without praying over my business I am not sure where I would be at today.

What huge beauty brands inspire you, like what’s in your makeup bag?
Honestly, not too many beauty brands inspire me. I can say that Fenty and the way Rihanna has dominated and made a line of products that everyone loved has blew me away and inspired me to stay true to my business. Kylie Jenner inspired me as well. Not just in a business aspect, but in the way of she is young and is blazing a trail across older beauty companies. That’s what I want for myself, I want people to look at me and think man this young lady came out of nowhere and look at her tearing this beauty industry up.

At what moment did you realize your brand was really taking off?
The one moment that let me known that I was taking off is when I started to receive orders from different parts of the country. It is amazing when the people you grew up with in your city supports you, but when complete strangers see what you are doing, like it, then places orders amaze me. There are so many other brands people can go to in their own community, but they chose to order from mine is another feeling I cannot explain!

What do you have planned for Pretty Lips by Sonya?

So, Pretty Lips by Sonya has a 1, 3 , 5 , and 10 year goal if Gods willing. For this first goal I really wanted to see if I could just stay in this race 1 year and I am 5 short months away from knocking goal 1 down! My 3 and 5 year goals are to polish up business, gain more business, perfect what I am offering to ladies, and to gain more knowledge about health and beauty. My 10 year goal or sooner is to ultimately open several Therapeutic Lip Queendoms. A Therapeutic Lip Queendom is a shop where you come shop for you favorite lip colors and get treated like the queens we are. It will have lip spa services, facial spa services, body and spa services, and lip colors, oils, scrubs, and all my other products for sale, in a beautifully decorated space. For the rest of 2019 I have about 3 vending fairs and a radio interview. I say it sounds like a blessed year to me!