BeyHive Has No Chill


The BeyHive is outta control. Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting court side with billionaire team owner, Joseph Lacob and his wife Nicole. Beyonce appears to slightly irritated and Nicole is leaned over her talking to Jay. Apparently she is asking him what he wants with his vodka, if you watch the video closely you can read his lips. The BeyHive took to social media to bully this woman for talking to Jay-Z. Nicole was so upset about them telling her to kill herself that she deleted her Instagram page. Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure made a post basically telling Beyoncé’s stans to chill the fuck out. I think that whole BeyHive shit is embarrassing. Jay-z and Beyonce have working relationships with people and with the BeyHive saying ignorant shit to people why would anybody want to work with them let alone be seen talking to them. I’ve always wondered if Beyonce will tell her fans to stop with all the bullying because it makes no sense at all. I get it, Nicole Curran is a grown ass billionaire ass woman but still at the end of the day the Hive is super annoying and Beyonce was her guest. I hope her publicist making that post helps.