I’m A Blogger

I have been talking to God and paying attention to signs and I have come to the realization that I am a blogger, I’m a writer, I’m a storyteller. True enough, I don’t have to write about celebrities all the time, but that’s what I enjoy doing. You can’t really dive too much into your personal life because people will always try to judge you but shit, I think I’m way past that phase, I don’t give a damn what anybody says about me. I love fashion, I used to get laughed at on Facebook because I love fashion so much, never understood that one. So, I said to myself, what are all the things you love to do, and what are you good at. Kid Jumper was first. I’m fuckin dope at Kid Jumper. I design all my own shirts, I market them myself, I post them myself, the direction of my brand is all my idea. I paid $1,500 for a website that is MINE, I did that. I reach out to people, my customers trust me, you guys SUPPORT ME, I don’t have a “team” or a “machine” behind me but imagine if I did sheesh! All concepts are MINE. I’m no longer saying I want to do that, I AM doing it. Second thing is blogging. Writing comes so natural to me. I’m one of those people when I talk (or write) others pay attention. I got some shit to say, I might not express myself in a conventional proper way but you get wtf I’m saying right? Right. I love branding. I branded my own business. I market my own clothing line. We all do things through trial and error, and right now I’m on the fence about podcasting. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve changed the direction of “Meet Felicia Kid” so many times I don’t even know what it is anymore. What does my show even stand for? Me sounding crazy as hell hollering about some random shit? Because I would rather prefer to have a boyfriend I can complain to all the damn time instead of yaw. So for now, my show is up in the air. I might can it. I might not. I asked myself WHAT DO I WANT. I want to be taken seriously. I want to be seen as a black woman with three kids and a full time job who is basically winging this shit but at the same time I smoked this shit. My brand is bomb I don’t give a fuck! I refuse to let somebody tell me it’s not. Period. So I prayed. And I visualized. And I think about the word consistency and my lack there of. And I came up with an answer. I’m not trying to build a personal brand, that shit is exhausting, and not very realistic in South Bend that’s something a lot of us have to face. I had to figure out what I was or I was gonna go crazy and knock all this shit over, including Kid Jumper. But nah, that would be too easy for everybody else.

It’s about to be Summer.

Kid Jumper about to come so hard.

I’m a blogger.

And I got time. 


I’m Done Blogging About Celebrities



For very obvious reasons I have recently become overly obsessed with Michael Jackson. I mean I’ve always been a fan, but for the past week I’ve been “looking” for something. Something to show me the real Michael. Not the superstar, not the person with all this scandal, not the grown man who had an amusement park in his backyard, but the real him, inside. Michael Jackson was my first love. I fell in love with him when I was 5 years old. I knew the entire “Thriller” routine, I could do those dances with my eyes closed. I was glued to MTV everytime he was on there. Every commercial, every music video, I was infatuated with Michael Jackson. He’s been in my life for 37 years, but I’ve never really sat down and tried to understand him. This post might be kinda long so bare with me... For those who don’t know, I just want to  explain a few things about Michael Jackson. We all know that he was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, and that his father, Joseph, was very abusive. If any one of them would do a dance step wrong they would get beat, thrown against the wall, or told to just “do it like Michael.” He wasn’t allowed to play with other children, or do anything simple like go to the movies. The recording studio was across the street from a park and he used to cry because he wanted to go play, I saw Suzanne de Passe (Motown) say that he literally did not have a childhood. When he was a teenager, his father and brothers would tease him because he had very severe acne, telling him he was ugly, and they would make fun of the size of his nose, calling him “Nose”. That makes me wonder if that’s why he changed his face. He had one nose job, of course, and then I think from all the years of being teased he was just never happy with his appearance and he just went way too far. We all know that he was shy, but he was also very smart. 


He would spend time alone reading, and thinking about his future, which leads me to believe he manifested his whole career. I want to get to the point because I will go on and on lol so I’m done with blogging about celebrities and this is why. It’s only three months into this year and we have had three major stories on three Black men. R Kelly, Jussie Smollett, and Michael Jackson. Now, I’m not gon front, I was into ALL OF IT. Borderline obsessed because that’s how Virgos are, we want every detail and we not gon rest until we find it.  But I was starting to see certain stuff, we’re on social media arguing with each other, against one another, and it’s too much. I, well all of us, have to be careful of what information we take in. All the hours I’ve spent on social media arguing about rather R Kelly is broke or not I could’ve been working on my website. The time I spent playing Inspector Gadget on Jussie Smollett I could have been playing with my kids. Then when this new shit with Michael Jackson came up Im like that’s it, I’m not doing this. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, the F.B.I followed this man for 10 years and found no evidence to convict him, but we let two men who said UNDER OATH that Michael Jackson did nothing to either of them, try to tell us a story over 15 years later.  I’m not about to try to process every piece of information that’s all over the news and I’m not about to let another person tell me what I should and should not feel. If the media wants to convict these men then that’s on them put I refuse to take part in it. I’m done. Michael Jackson has been dead for 10 years and regardless of what anyone thinks he is the most talented entertainer that we will ever see in this life. Period. My goal is not to argue with people on Facebook about what someone else did, especially when there is no concrete evidence. So, as of right now, I will no longer talk about celebrities on Facebook. I mean, it used to be a time where I was really the only one doing it, but now too many people do it, they don’t fact check or anything, or they tag me to argue. Nope, yaw can have that. Something is definitely happening to our culture, three men, in three months. I’m not one of those “woke” people but I’m not a damn fool either. pay attention.