I reached out to JazLynn Franklin because I’m really interested in her brand.  I was at a makeup class and I saw her there with her vendor table and when I decided to start this segment I knew she would be perfect for it.

1. I see you dabble in both fashion and beauty which one do you love more? 

I love them both the same.  I believe they both go hand and hand .  Putting them both together is super fun for me. 

2. Is there a particular brand that inspired you to start your own? 

I love seeing the black women in my community  doing amazing things, that’s always inspiring. Watching women coming together is awesome , but what brand inspired me to start my business was Instagram  influencers like, Supa (Crayon Case) makeup brand . I followed her wayyyyy before she was famous. I also, always looked up to my auntie Tootie aka Faye. She has a beauty shop in town. She has definitely been inspiring to me all my life. Also, close family friend  Trena Manning. She moved to ATL years ago and the close contact was lost then, so when I came to her for help I didn’t expect her to be so open. She shared her vendors with me and everything . I respected that so much.  Toccara Smith, who has been doing hair for years  was one of my first  and still is one of my biggest supporters & I am forever grateful to have met her. I been blessed to have amazing friends that keep me going as well. 

3. How difficult is it being a woman with her own brand? 

I wouldn’t say it’s difficult, it just takes ALOT of patience and focus . Within time, things fall into place. I learned, even when  I'm not getting the likes/ shares, people are definitely looking and will eventually reach out. 

4. Do you see more support from South Bend or other surrounding areas? 

I definitely try to support my city. I know how HARD it is to get support in your own city at times, so i def try to support when i can. I attended an event in Elkhart not too long ago and I met some cool people that I  will continue to support. I received alot of love from Indianapolis, so I definitely want to do more there.  

5. What is next for the Che’ Collection?

I definitely see Che’ adding more to the collection. When I first started, I was so nervous and scared . I’m so much of a private person so I didn’t know how people would react to my starting my own business. So I started with just gloss and lashes, but eventually I will add more. I learned a lot in the process. It’s more then just selling a product, I want to build a brand .  I would love to do things with other women in my home town, so that is definitely a goal for Che’ In the future .  


Pics and Tingz

So, at the end of last year I decided I had to do more to make my brand stand out. Meaning, I had to create more content, MEANING I have to do a photoshoot. I decided I wanted to chose a photographer that is a woman, I figured I would be more comfortable and I just wanted to have the whole Girl Power vibe going on. I wrote down my ideas of which way I wanted to go and I begin to look for women to help me. And it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Some people flat out didn’t answer me, some let me go on and on about what I needed and they never got back with me, and some just didn’t “get it”. So I’m getting frustrated but I’m like I HAVE to do this I don’t care I don’t care! So my coworkers’ best friend just happens to be a photographer and she just so HAPPENS to have a studio downtown BINGO! Now mind you, this is my first photoshoot ever so I have no idea what I’m doing. I invited my daughter, which made me feel better and I styled us both. One of the hairstylists I’ve been to a few times did my makeup and hair so everything just kind of fell into place. Now, we’re in the middle of the shoot..and I’m looking and acting like a dork. I don’t know how to pose, I feel my mouth is like in some kinda frown, I feel like my eyebrows are constantly up like I’m saying “Huh??” to somebody it’s just too much and I can’t. 


My daughter, on the other hand, killed every pose she was like a natural. She nailed every picture. The entire shoot lasted a little over an hour and then we were outta there. When I get the pics back I’m super excited and I see a few things I want to tweak so I watched numerous tutorials on YouTube and that’s how I learned to properly edit pics, not SnapChat filters but to add lighting, and shadows, things like that. So now I’m like yo, I want to take more pics but just use my kids and I can buy all this equipment myself from Amazon. 



My point is, if you have a brand you have to constantly put out content because people have to see what’s going on with your brand. You also might have to do things that you are totally uncomfortable with, like I stepped outside of my comfort zone to take these pics and I hated every minute of it lol.  


The Creativity Is Sold Separately

How do you know if you’re creative? In my opinion, you see things in a way nobody else does. You notice a picture, a circle, a line, a crack in the wall and you wonder what you can turn that into. My mind is constantly turning, because as I get more heavy into fashion and design, you have to stay a million steps ahead of everybody else. Some people might ask me what do I design? You don’t know how to draw. And naw, I don’t. I get an inspiration from something, and I’ll play off that, or, I will scribble something that I want onto a piece of paper and show it to my graphic designer and he makes it happen. I have a small collection of tees and hoodies right now, and in a few months I will have NEW designs so I have to constantly pay attention to trends, color ways, pop culture, what I see on runway shows on Instagram, I’m so into it. The whole boycott of Gucci made me think, well, I can’t afford Gucci right now, and some of the people I know can’t afford it, so yo, this is the perfect time to be a Black owned clothing line. Dapper Dan made a comment along the lines that being a designer doesn’t just mean you’re just putting a logo onto a shirt, and he’s absolutely right. My goals are so far past South Bend, IN. They have to be, because how many people in South Bend will continue to rock with me and buy my shirts? What if nobody in my city buys another shirt from me again? I HAVE to think that way. I have to think towards the future, I have to think bigger. And not just have the vision of being bigger, I also have to put a plan of action BEHIND my thoughts. I used to be trash at setting goals and now I can tell you where my line will be a year from now, it’s all mapped out. Kid Jumper has a blueprint, and I work on it every single day. I have to clap for myself, why wouldn’t I think my brand is bomb as fuck? I can’t be afraid to say, shop with me now, because soon my hoodies won’t be $38 they will be $75. My creativity and my thoughts are all I have, and I have to stay true to who I am, or nobody will believe in my brand. And thank you to those of you that do.  

Kid Jumper Family hoodie $38  

Kid Jumper Family hoodie $38