eric logan

Justice For Eric Logan


   Everybody knows I don’t get into the political side of things.  I don’t discuss Donald Trump. I don’t say much about Pete Buttigieg.  Me not using my platform to the best of my ability might be what I’m trying to say.  The SBPD killed an unarmed Black man named Eric Logan this past Sunday. Fathers Day. All day on Facebook, I saw people saying RIP to this man and I’m like that’s sad, it’s Fathers Day.  As the day went on, I started to see more about what happened. I’m not sure what I initially thought but when I read that a police officer had killed this man, I kind of lost it. I’m like, “No, let me stay out of this.” Then on the other hand I’m like, “NO!! Fuck that we gotta start saying something!” By Monday afternoon, I was fully engaged with this story.  From the videos released on social media from his brother and wife, we have all gathered in the same amount of information. Again, I don’t want to fight, these are my own feelings and my own thoughts.

   We all have the same did Eric Logan break into six cars in such a short amount of time?  The 911 call said the person allegedly breaking into cars was wearing dark clothes...Eric Logan was wearing a white tee shirt.  The police said he ran. No wait, he was halfway sitting in a car, with a purse that he had stolen, OH and wait! He had a knife, yeah, a knife and he came at the police with it, NO, wait, I mean he threw the knife AT the police, yes, that’s what happened!  When I hear all the different stories on news outlets, this is how ridiculous it sounds to me. Why when Eric Logan was shot, was he not transported to the hospital in an ambulance? Why did the SBPD move his body and take it upon themselves to take him to the ER in a squad car?

This story touched me because my eight year old son is terrified of police.  My son hasn’t lived a hard knock life, he hasn’t seen anything in our home to make him afraid the way he is.  But he hears things, he can watch the news, he can look up videos on YouTube. A month ago, I was getting him ready for bed and we heard the house alarm going off, I’m like, “What’s that noise??” because it was beeping in a way I had never heard before.  Come to find out, my five year old daughter had accidentally pushed the Fire/Police button. A couple of minutes later, I’m getting my son out of the bathtub I realized I forgot his towel so as I’m going down the hall and passing the big picture window I see literally a swarm of police outside, a firetruck, and neighbors.  One of the police had his face to the window and his hands were cupped around his eyes so he could see in the house. I told the kids I would have to go outside and explain that it was an accident and Jumper completely lost it. He was hysterical, I could not get him to stop crying, he thought the police were going to hurt us, or hurt me, if I went outside.  

I have never been harassed by the police or experienced police brutality, but I felt it in my heart and spirit to speak out on Eric Logan being murdered by a police officer.  I was the main one on social media screaming and hollering what are the black community activists going to do? But what am I GOING TO DO? You see police kill black men on the news but it hits you different when it’s your own city.  I pray for the family, I pray that when I see somebody got shot on the news it's nobody that I know, I pray that Eric Logan gets the justice he and his family deserve. Imagine losing a loved one and you have no idea what happened, you have no closure.  

This has opened my eyes to the racism in this city, I am so appalled at the comments on these news posts. All I ask is if you have a platform, use it to bring some kind of awareness to what is going on in our community.  We owe it to the family of Eric Logan, and all the other families who have been involved in police brutality, racial profiling, and murder at the hands of the police.