Nipsey Hussle The Great

I swear I’ve been trying to avoid writing this but I feel it’s only right that I pay my respect to a man I admire so much. This is no lie, on March 31st it was 6pm in South Bend so 3pm Los Angeles time, and I had just came back from the grocery store. I was playing on my phone and came across the GQ interview with Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle and I’m like ooooh I haven’t watched this yet let me get into it. So it’s Lauren asking Nip questions to see how well he knows her and it’s super cute, THEY are cute, hell. After I watched it I was all googly eyed like omg I want somebody to love me the way he loves her and vice versa, I mean of course we never know what goes on behind closed doors but they make it look so good we can’t help but believe they are really A-1 in their relationship. NO FUCKIN LIE, maybe 10 minutes or so after I watched the video, TMZ comes across my screen and it said that Nipsey had been gunned down outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. Stop playing, I know Nipsey didn’t just get shot! Ok, I’m sure he will be alright,  but wait, it said “GUNNED DOWN” and Nip is skinny, and I’m just thinking all these horrible thoughts. When he was pronounced dead I was pretty shook for the rest of the night. Shot in front of your own store, in your neighborhood that you helped build back up, prayers are immediately going to Lauren, his children and family, it’s all bad.  

I want to keep this post as positive and light as I can but there are definitely some things I have to address. The next day, which was Monday, social media was going crazy saying that the “government” had killed Nipsey due to a documentary he was doing about Dr. Sebi. It amazes me at how when you don’t agree with what somebody thinks their true colors will come out and chile I unfollowed so many people that day because I can not tolerate ignorance and stupidity. A quick and easy Google search will tell you any and everything you need to know about Dr. Sebi so to say Nip was killed because of an unfinished documentary really showed me who has sense who doesn’t.  

I fucks with Nipsey Hussle. He wants you to work for yourself, have ownership, seek knowledge, and to have positive energy. I can honestly say that his death has really taught me something and made me open my eyes to a lot of questions that I have about myself.  What do I want to be? How do I want to spend the rest of my days? I’ve been praying, and really SEEKING the answers to these questions and things are starting to make sense and come together. And if he hadn’t died those thoughts would have never crossed my mind. 

There are a lot of brands in my city, and let’s just tell some real shit, only your friends and “sometimes” your family will support it. Nip had the love of his entire city and we just don’t have that in South Bend, sad but true. 

I just want to take all the things I’ve learned about him that I didn’t know before and utilize them for myself and to make my business better.  


~RIP Neighboorhood Nip~